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Using the awesome forces of nature, reconnect to yourself and with the nature around you

Wim Hof Method Winter Training Expedition Poland - Februari 2019

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“To me, Sven is a true friend, mentor and genuine human being. His compassion for others is awe inspiring and he is an outstanding Wim Hof Method instructor;
full of humor, intelligence, warmth and music, guiding people to meet fears and challenges to empower themselves!

– Sam



Attend a day workshop, specifically designed for you to get a fundamental understanding, and to assist you in further exploring these modalities yourself

Wim Hof Winter Expedition - Sven Kimenai - Wim Hof Method Instructor & Breathwork Facilitator2


Join a retreat, go on an adventure and immerse yourself in raw nature with like-minded souls

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Take the time to dive deeper into your unique personal process during 1-to-1 sessions.

Sven has a heart of gold and makes yours pumping again. The love he spread, the inner peace you get.
It’s an experience I’ll never forget.
– Adrian Kuipers

Meet Sven


Throughout his life Sven has been going on adventures and finding new ways to challenge himself. On his path of personal growth, exploration and self-actualisation, he started working with the Wim Hof Method, Breathwork and Psychedelics as core modalities and studied them fervently. He has in depth knowledge of a wide variety of subjects and is most passionate about sharing them.

“Thank you so much for supporting me in the Wim Hof experience in the Black Forest. The passion and love you have for the work you do just went straight into my heart and inspired me a lot. With your energy, your knowledge and your attention you created a safe spot for me and the whole group. You motivated and prepared me to step out of my comfort zone and experience the magic which is behind it. I’m very grateful for that.
Keep on spreading your love!!!”
 – Jenny


Number of participants Sven has guided for each of his core modalities.

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Cold Exposure
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Through Psychedelic Ceremonies*

*Within a therapeutic, legal & medically supervised framework

What others have said

Reviews taken from Facebook

When you meet Sven you will know in the first few moments that you are in the presence of someone that is really here. He is a masterful practitioner of the Wim Hof Method. It does not take long however to realize that his mastery goes much deeper than this. He is a powerful and playful leader that is aware of the nuances of the people on his care. He brought out the best in each of the individuals of a very diverse group of human beings facilitating a transformational experience I will take with me into a world that has a deep need for such mastery.
– Quintin, South Africa


“You were so unbelievable with your support in every situation. You had faith in me all the time. Thank you for bringing so much fun into this experience and sharing your knowledge. And thank you for all hugs when needed!”
– Iwona, Switzerland

“Did the Wim Hof Poland Expedition and Sven was our instructor, what a blessing! He is super knowledgeable, caring and supportive, serious when he needs to be, light when the timing is right. He is a beautiful Heart and powerful Presence. Much gratitude. Hoping to connect again face to face for another adventure
– Wendy, Canada


“Great trainer, who does amazing workshops. I enjoyed the time with Sven and his kind way of teaching the WHM. Sven creates an atmosphere of such familiarity that made it easy for me to do the breathwork and jump into the icebath. Thank you Sven!”
– Gerti, Germany


“Sven is an incredible human being. Knowledgable, humble, and fully present, he leans into every opportunity to connect with integrity. And he delivers an awesome breathwork experience!”
– Darryl, Australia


“One of the best instructors I’ve ever worked with! From the very beginning Sven set the tone and space with incredible openness. His instruction was clear and specific yet he left room for your own personal experience. This experience would NOT have been the same without his lead. I will be visiting Sven in the Netherlands to work with him further. Thank you for an experience of a LIFETIME!!!”
– Stefaan, USA


“Sven is a great teacher and a pleasure to work with. He is as knowledgeable and compassionate as they come.”
– Jeffrey, USA


“Sensitive, caring and knowledgeable person, Sven is the best instructor you could probably ask for!”
– Rudi & Julia, Italy


“Sven is amazing! He has an amazing way of bringing out our best in a comfortable way! He not only teaches you the Wim Hof method but offers so much more taking you on the journey of rediscovering your self. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate and miss his presence!!”
– Talmadge, USA
“I’ve just experienced the most amazing week of my life, Sven was absolutely brilliant he has a special charm about him and brings it out of everyone who crosses his path. I could not recommend his course enough!”
– Mick, UK
“I just got back from a 6 day Wim Hoff retreat in Poland where I was lucky to have Sven as my instructor for the retreat. Most of us had no idea we would be hitting such deep parts of our soul but Sven was ready for it. He not only gave us the tools for getting deep he was also there for us when we got more then we bargained for, so to speak. I highly recommend Sven as a teacher of any method of connecting to yourself. Thank you Sven for helping me reach such deep connections. Love & Peace”
– Ed, USA
“Sven is an incredible Wim Hof instructor, leading a group into the cold and up on a mountain with enthusiasm. Brings unknown people together and helps creating a safe place to explore and discover more about ourselves. He’s knowledgeable in both the breathwork and the science behind it all.
Totally recommend Sven if you are looking for an instructor!”
– Elise, NL