Business Seminars

Are you looking for a keynote speaker at your conference, team building events, or a business retreat?
Would you like to organize an event together?
Sven is available for business events, and always interested in new collaborations.

Team-building & Business Retreats

 If you are looking to amplify connection, team-spirit and openness within your team, Sven facilitates direct, exciting and highly personal team experiences.

By actively moving out of our comfortzone, and by openly facing our individual challenges  we can start showing up in a different way. During the single-day workshops or multiple day business retreat experiences, we actively and collectively move out of our comfortzone within a safe setting. By openly facing our individual challenges, and coming together in vulnerability, we can start showing up in a different way. We can start to connect and work together, from a place of excitement and appreciation of our talents, gifts and boundaries, while at the same time learning and practicing with invaluable tools for stress management, self-regulation and well-being.


Conferences & Talks

With his background firmly rooted in fundamental science, Sven delivers deeply experiential, grounded and informative talks with tools directly applicable in the workplace.
He has delivered keynote speeches, lectures and workshops for businesses and audiences up to 500 people at a time, talking breathwork, self-regulation, stress management and well-being in the workplace.
More then offering engaging talks, Sven also facilitates direct personal experiences, such as breathwork, ice baths and nature immersion for businesses.