Nature Expeditions

Join a group of fellow adventurists on a journey into wild nature and its elements.

Experience yourself in deep connection to nature.

Be part of a unique life experience.

Cornerstones of the Expedition


Practice with tools that are backed up by the latest scientific theory & research

Peak Experience

Go through a deep, meaningful and ecstatic once in a lifetime experience

Sharing Circles & Individual Support

Join a warm-hearted, authentic and supportive group, welcoming people from all walks of life in a therapeutic framework​

Integration & Lasting Change​

Through integration of your insights, we aim not just for a great experience, but for lasting change in your daily life.

Competent & Authentic Guidance

Experts in the field, having weathered the same storms, your facilitators will support you from experience, and a scientific and holistic understanding

Go on adventure!

Few things are better then a good adventure. That's why we do not tell you the program in advance. Be there, in the moment, and journey into the unknown


Both our inner and outer nature are cornerstones of these expeditions. Be in the forest, mountains or rivers and experience how it is to be fully present in nature

Adopt new habits

Practice and integrate effective cutting-edge techniques valuable to face the challenges of daily life


Increased Energy

Practice with effective tools to increase focus, energy and recovery

Improved Sleep Quality

Learn how to actively relax, optimize your breathing patterns and set yourself up for good nights of sleep

Reduced Inflammation

Work with tools that directly lower inflammation

Decrease Depression & Anxiety Scores

Apply techniques shown to lower depression & anxiety scores during clinical trials.

Increased Stress Resilience

Face the elements head on and lower your sensitivity to stressors

Lower Stress-levels

Adopt new habits that lower your everyday stress-levels and calm you down when overwhelmed

Upcoming Expeditions

Winter Expedition - Poland
3rd - 9th of January 2022 | Wim Hof Method
Poland Experience
3rd - 9th of January 2022 €1350

Join a group of fellow adventurists on a profound journey into yourself, and through the polish forests, snowy mountains, and icy rivers.

During this 6-night expedition we will reside in a comfortable and cozy venue within the forest on the edge of the gorgeous Polish Karkonosze mountain range. The venue will have shared rooms, a sauna available and is right next to an icy cold river. There we will work with our breath and the cold, with our body and mind.

Being the birthplace of the Wim Hof Method, home to subzero temperatures, gorgeous nature and a pilgrimage for the Polish citizens, Przesieka is a perfect location to take our deep dive, expose ourselves to the elements and bring our self-mastery to the next level.

Together, we will swim, dip, play, dance, sweat and hike, and gradually build up to the final challenge: we will hike up a mountain in nothing but our swimwear, and only our breath to deal with the extreme cold.

The Poland Experience is open to all aged 18 and over. We welcome people from all walks of life. The programs are perfect for complete beginners and those with intermediate amounts of experience.

To make sure you are fit and well-equipped for the experience, you will be asked to fill out a health screener. If you have any important health conditions, you can mention and discuss these there.

Logistics & Details
Duration: 6 nights, 5 full-days
Contribution: €1350 (all-inclusive, except transportation to the pick-up point)
Date: 3rd of January – 9th of January 2022
Location: Przesieka, Poland

How to Book

During this video call you have some 1:1 time and the chance to connect, introduce yourself, to see if you are a good fit for the experience and ask any questions you might be holding. 

To secure your spot on an experience, make a
non-refundable 35% down payment using the event link. Add ‘reservemyspot’ as a discount code in eventbrite or purchase the full ticket.

After you’ve had your videocall and put in your deposit, you can fill out the health screener to make sure you are well-equipped and a good fit for the experience. After this, you will be enrolled!

What are these expeditions all about?

On these nature expeditions, we will be exposing ourselves to the elements and learning to trust and discover our body’s capabilities. We will combine the core pillars of the Wim Hof Method with cutting-edge neuroscience, and a warm-hearted, playful and authentic atmosphere. As experiential learning is a core component of these journeys, we will be training with effective evidence-based tools, aimed for lasting change in your daily life, right in nature.

During these experiences, we will be training with: Breathwork, Cold Exposure, Mindset & Mindfulness. Together, we will explore our nervous systems, learn how to better navigate stress, alter our physiology and dive deep into the intuitive biology of the breath. In addition we will learn about the safety guidelines, best practices, and breathing tools for stress management. 
Applying some of the most powerful and directly available tools for self-regulation, deep inner work, and stress-resilience, we are able to  regulate our autonomous nervous system, and prepare our physiology and mind to be able to handle extreme situations.

Combining live-music supported breathwork journeys, playful exercises, a warm and supportive group of like-minded explorers, and cozy accommodation amidst nature, these are unique life experiences.

After your expedition, you will likely not only have meaningful and precious memories, and a group of new friends from all over the world, you will also be able to continue practicing and exploring these techniques by yourself. You will have the tools to calm yourself and others down in stressful situations, know about the safety guidelines and have a fundamental understanding of the power of your breath, and how to best apply it in different situations. More so, you will have lived through the experience, the value, insights, and novelty of which will speak for itself.

What others have said

“Sven has a heart of gold and makes yours pumping again. The love he spread, the inner peace you get. 
It’s an experience I’ll never forget.” 
– Adrian Kuipers, Netherlands

“I’ve just experienced the most amazing week of my life, Sven was absolutely brilliant he has a special charm about him and brings it out of everyone who crosses his path. I could not recommend his course enough!”
– Mick, United Kingdom

“You were so unbelievable with your support in every situation. You had faith in me all the time. Thank you for bringing so much fun into this experience and sharing your knowledge. And thank you for all hugs when needed!”
– Iwona, Switzerland

“To me, Sven is a true friend, mentor and genuine human being. His compassion for others is awe inspiring and he is an outstanding Wim Hof Method instructor; full of humor, intelligence, warmth and music, guiding people to meet fears and challenges to empower themselves!”
– Sam, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much for supporting me in the Wim Hof experience in the Black Forest. The passion and love you have for the work you do just went straight into my heart and inspired me a lot. With your energy, your knowledge and your attention you created a safe spot for me and the whole group. You motivated and prepared me to step out of my comfort zone and experience the magic which is behind it. I’m very grateful for that.
Keep on spreading your love!!!”
– Jenny, Germany

When you meet Sven you will know in the first few moments that you are in the presence of someone that is really here. He is a masterful practitioner of the Wim Hof Method. It does not take long however to realize that his mastery goes much deeper than this. He is a powerful and playful leader that is aware of the nuances of the people on his care. He brought out the best in each of the individuals of a very diverse group of human beings facilitating a transformational experience I will take with me into a world that has a deep need for such mastery.
– Quintin, South Africa

More recommendations can be found on Sven’s facebook page

Frequently Asked Questions

During these expeditions, it is not about ‘who can be in the cold the longest’. It is about going out of your comfortzone and challenging yourself, and just as importantly, setting your boundaries and knowing your limits. You will always be encouraged to do both. More so, as a group, we maintain a group mindset. That means, no one is left behind. We will always support each other. Knowing that everyone has their own process and challenges, and that these experiences are suitable for complete beginners, it is about making small gradual steps and victories. So there really is no ‘keeping up with the rest’.

During these weeks we intensively work with our bodies. However, these are not your ‘typical’ body workouts, as we will be targeting our cardiovascular and respiratory systems through cold exposure & breathwork. Once you’ve enrolled, you will receive the required information to start preparing yourself for the event.

It is only essential that you are able to hike for more then an hour, and your health screener is in order. For most people, that means they do not require any further training to join (while the cold-exposure preparation is still highly recommended). If you anticipate any challenges, have some worries, or simply are not there yet, you can let Sven know, so you can figure out a training schedule together to prepare for the event.

Having purchased a ticket means that all the food (with vegan options available), drinks, transportation, the health screener, group calls and your accommodation is included. However, your flight towards the pick-up point is not included. Once you arrive at the pick-up point you will be brought to the location. This means that, having bought your ticket and booked your flight, there shouldn’t be any more extra expenses other then small accessories.

Yes! All experiences will have vegan or vegetarian options available. During the intake you will also be able to let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions.

In short, yes! During these expeditions the rooms are assigned randomly to make sure everyone in the group gets to know each other well. Of course, as a couple we can simply assign you to be together in the same two person room. Knowing that some individuals really do require more privacy, it is possible to opt-in for a private room at an additional fee (the price depending on the venue). 

The first and last day are generally flexible, as we have not yet started the program. On those days you can come or leave earlier or later with your own transport if you prefer. As these expeditions are whole group experiences, it is essential that you are there for the entirety of the program. This is to safeguard the group experience, and to ensure that those who participate have experiences with all the required techniques for the more challenging exercises later on in the program. If you anticipate any difficulty here, or feel there is something you want to discuss. Feel free to reach out to Sven, or discuss it during your exploration call!

It is possible to get a partial refund depending on how long before the event your cancellation is. While the 35% down payment is non-refundable, if you cancel at least 60 days before the start of the event, you will get a refund for the remaining 65% minus administrative costs. After those 60 days, unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds. If you cancel later then 60 days before the event and there is someone to directly take your spot, we may be able to transfer the remaining 65% of your payment into credits for a future expedition!

It’s been hard to plan expeditions in these times, and clearly we do not know what situation we might be in in the future. As we will be together breathing, dancing and hugging, these experiences cannot be hosted in combination with social distancing. Therefore, as a precaution, it is required to be tested and have negative test results before joining the event (not necessary if you are vaccinated), so we can offer these experiences without social distancing.

While we certainly hope none of this would be the case, if it so happens that the entire expedition needs to be cancelled due to travel restrictions, we will at least offer an 80% refund, and do our best to see if we can offer back more. The remained of already committed costs (which we unfortunately cannot return, and depends on when), will be converted into a discount for future experiences (including individual sessions, workshops and expeditions).