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1 – 7 December 2019North Carolina, USA€1700Wim Hof Method Travel Experience
23 – 29 January 2020
PrzesiekaSold out!Wim Hof Method Winter Travel – with Wim Hof!
30 Jan – 4 February 2020Przesieka, PolandSold out!Wim Hof Method Winter Travel – with Wim Hof!
10 – 15 March 2020Przesieka, Poland€1200Wim Hof Method Travel Experience
3 – 8 November 2020Przesieka, Poland Coming soon!
1 – 6 December 2020Przesieka, Poland Coming soon!
8 – 13 December 2020Przesieka, Poland Coming soon!

All prices include VAT, meals, transport from and to the airport & accommodation (with vegan and vegetarian meals available)

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WHM Expeditions

The WHM Travel Experience aims to give you a profound experience and a deep, fundamental and experiential understanding of the Wim Hof Method. It is a chance and invitation to reconnect with nature and to dive deep within ourselves. To gain trust and confidence in our bodies and access our untapped potential as human beings. We can do a lot more than we know. This we will experience together, as a group, facing the powerful forces of nature.

The weekends are perfectly suitable for those with little to no experience with the Wim Hof Method, from 18 years and up.
The event will be held in English.


Cold Exposure


“Sven is a great and inspirational instructor. He leads the group with empathy and consistency. I experienced his retreat and will be happy to join him again. The community of people gathering around Sven is very sympathetic to me. The method helps me not only with cold acceptance, but also other things I would not expect. I can better deal with stress, emotions, I am healthier, I enjoy being in nature even in cold weather, I can also walk barefoot outside and not become ill. I have lot more joy in life and I am so very much grateful for that. “
– Lucia, Wim Hof Method Participant

Przesieka in Poland

This WHM Expedition will be held in the Polish mountains, close to the Czech border. This is the place you might have seen on the various documentaries and is where we will visit an ice waterfall, climb a mountain and work with the powerful Polish cold. We will be staying at hotel Olympia, outfitted with a jacuzzi & sauna, close to a glacial brook. Here we are able to come together, dive deep inside ourselves, reconnect to nature and work with the elements.

This weekend will be held in English, however we will gladly translate in German or Dutch when requested.

Wim Hof Method Winter Training Expedition Poland - Februari 2019

Monte Rosa in Italy

This WHM Expedition will be held high up in the Italian Alps, in hotel Chalet Dulys. Being so far up this gorgeous mountain range, we are able to visit the glaciers and connect with the cold, even in summer! This beautiful hotel holds luxurious rooms, a sauna & spa, aswell as delicious food.

This weekend will be held in English, however we will gladly translate in German, Dutch or Italian when requested.

Black Forest in Germany

This WHM Expedition will be in a lovely cabin immersed in the woods of the Schwarzwald in Germany. The cabin is closely located to a natural swimming pool and long stretches of uninterrupted forest.

This weekend will be held in English, however we will gladly translate in German or Dutch when requested.

Wim Hof Method Winter Training - Schwarzwald Germany - Februari 2019

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