Upcoming Events

Due to COVID-19 & international restrictions, there are no current live events planned.
If you are interested to join any of the online events, please reach out to Sven via email!

Online Workshops

Breathwork Classes

Sven regularly hosts online breathwork gatherings in group as well as private settings.
Soon, this page will be updated with his online breathwork schedule.

To arrange a private breathwork session please contact Sven using the button below.

“Sven is a great and inspirational instructor. He leads the group with empathy and consistency. I experienced his retreat and will be happy to join him again. The community of people gathering around Sven is very sympathetic to me. The method helps me not only with cold acceptance, but also other things I would not expect. I can better deal with stress, emotions, I am healthier, I enjoy being in nature even in cold weather, I can also walk barefoot outside and not become ill. I have lot more joy in life and I am so very much grateful for that. “

– Lucia, Wim Hof Method Participant